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1.     Did you know about Operation Catapult? How do you feel about such a pivotal event being left out of history lessons?

2.     How does nationality matter, or not, in this novel?

3.     Loyalty is a major theme in WICKWYTHE HALL. In what ways is loyalty important to the main characters?

4.     How does this novel portray motherhood and mothers?

5.     This novel has a wonderful romance at its heart. Is the novel a romance or historical fiction or both? Do you care what category a book is? Why or why not?

6.     How does the author use Reid’s injury to shape his character?

7.     Did the ending surprise you?

8.     Annelle and Mabry seem different. Are they? What traits do they share?

9.     This novel describes waves of refugees—first from France and then children from London. Did reading about refugees make you feel differently about headlines we see nowadays about refugees?

10.  A theme in this novel is “covers.” Reid has a “cover” that allows him to meet with Churchill. Mabry “covers” up her feelings for a long time. WICKWYTHE HALL has to black out its lights. Discuss the use of covers and hiding in the novel.